Chairman in Council (CIC)

The Chairman In Council (CIC) members are the main members of the running board. Following are the Chairman-in-Council of the Municipality...


Sl. No.Ward No.Contact No.NameDescription of Function
159434247254 Shri Sadhan Kumar BarmanHe will look after the routine affairs of Public Health & sanitation in Public Health Section, including conservancy and Solid Waste Management , viz, door to door collection of waste, disposal of Garbage by tank, Motor vehicles and ambulance etc and also the affairs of Super Market in addition to the above said matters
210 9836821780Shri Bhola Paul He will look after AMRUT Mission, Education & Sports, MID-day Meal Programme , Beautification of the municipal area including municipal properties and Sinking & Re-Sinking of Tube Wells program under the PWD-III Section in addition to the above said matters and also the affairs of Mohanbati bazaar.
3119434305264 Shri Ratan Majumder He will took after the Electrical Works including, Street Lighting, Area Lighting, Maintenance of Pumps & Motors, Lighting of Municipal Parks, Building & other installations, Photo Electric ( Solar panels) and non- conventional energy sources & Proposed Electic crematorium at Bandar Swamshan.
41 9475225081 Shri Nayan Das He will look after all Civil works and Municipal development programs carried out by PWD – I, PWD- II & PWD- III Section respectively and the proposed Up- gradation, Renovation and Extension plan of the Municipal Office Building.


Sl. No.NameWard No.Contact No.Description of Function
1Smt. Puspa Majumdar79679079397She will look after all the entire affairs of NULM. She will remain Councillor-in-charge of NULM of the said scheme.
2Sri. Barun Banerjee 89434961354He will look after all the entire affairs NUHM, [IPP-VIII(Extn.)] UPHCS Health Programme etc. He will remain Councillor-in-charge of NUHM,[IPP-VIII(Extn.)] UPHCS OF THE SAID SCHEME.
3Shri. Bimal Jyoti Sinha19 9434355814He will look after the entire affairs of house to house water connection project iunder UIDSSMT scheme and package Drinking -Bottle plant of "Kulik Fresh" with the cooperation of the concerned Engineers in charge of this Municipality.He will remain councillor-in-charge of UIDSSMT scheme and package Drinking Bottling Plant